About Drake Research Ltd

Drake Research is the PEEK production and development facility of Drake Plastics Ltd. Co., headquartered in Cypress, Texas.

Drake Plastics maintains a broad inventory of grades and sizes of both PEEK and Torlon for immediate shipment.  Drake offers custom extruded sizes and injection molded parts in both PEEK and Torlon materials.
Drake Research produces PEEK in Natural (unfilled), Glass Fiber, Bearing Grade, and Carbon Fiber filled stock shapes.  Standard rod sizes range from 1/8” to 3.5” diameter.  Plate is currently stocked in 0.125” to 0.6” thickness x 4” width.
PEEK is an engineered thermoplastic with excellent chemical, fatigue, and high temperatrue resistance. Superior chemical resistance has allowed PEEK to work effectively as a metal replacement in harsh environments.  PEEK is suitable for machined structural and wear/ friction parts.  Natural PEEK is FDA compliant.
PEEK Grades stocked include: Natural, HT, 450FE20, 450FC30, 450CA30, 450GL30, KT-820 CF30 GF30, and Avaspire.


Polyetheretherketone MIL-P-46183 Type I
Polyetheretherketone, 30% Glass fiber reinforced MIL-P-46183 Type II, Class 3
Polyetheretherketone, 30% Carbon fiber reinforced MIL-P-46183 Type III, Class 2


Custom extrusion and diameters are available from our manufacturing plant in Texas.
Call us at (281)255-6855 or E-mail for information on PEEK Rod and Plate.



Victrex PEEK data courtesy of

Victrex plc



KetaSpire PEEK Data courtesy of

Solvay Advanced Polymers


Plant Location: 7046 Snowflake, San Antonio, TX 78238
Sales & Service: 14869 Grant Road / Cypress, TX 77429
Ph: 281.255.6855 / Fax: 281.255.6853 / Email:inquiries@drakeplastics.com