PEEK Rod AvailabilityDrake Research extrudes PEEK (polyether ether ketone) producing rod and plate stock for machined seals, bearings, bushings as well as structural and electrical components.

We produce Natural (non-reinforced), Bearing grade, Carbon fiber, HT and Glass fiber reinforced PEEK to meet the highest performance requirements. Our products are produced from 100% prime resin and with MIL-P-46183 certification.

Drake Research PEEK manufactured stock is suitable for use where high impact, high tensile strength, high temperature, and low weight are needed in demanding chemical environments.
  • Exceptional chemical resistance to inorganic and organic acids; bases; steam and hot water.
  • Extrusion produces highly consistent physical properties.
  • Drake Research only extrudes PEEK Products inquire for more information.

Drake Research Offers:
  • Drake Plastics and Ferrari PEEK BushingsA wide variety of stock shapes for same day shipment
  • Standard sizes:
    • Rods from 1/4" to over 3" diameter
    • Plate from 1/4" to 3/8" thickness
  • Custom formulation & extrusion - Custom sizes to fit your parts are available and we blend customer specified ingredients on-line, email or call for quotation.
  • All Drake Research products are :
    • Fully annealed
    • NDT inspected
    • Extruded from 100% virgin resin
    • Provided with MIL-P46183 certification
  • Economical alternative products- Generic versions of carbon fiber, bearing grade and short glass fiber available for when Mil-P certifications are not required.

Drake Research is named after the English seaman, Sir Francis Drake. Drake was a key figure in Britain's ascension to sea superiority in the late 1500s. Our ship logo is adapted from the Drake Family crest. Drake Research is a sister company to Drake Plastics Ltd., The Torlon® Specialists™

Sales and Service are coordinated through Drake Plastics Ltd., 14869 Grant Rd., Cypress, TX 77429. Contact us at:

Phone 281 255-6855, Fax 281 255-6853

In Europe please contact inquiries@drakeplastics.eu
Phone +32 13 29 46 64
Fax     +32 13 33 44 21

Plant Location: 7046 Snowflake, San Antonio, TX 78238
Sales & Service: 14869 Grant Road / Cypress, TX 77429
Ph: 281.255.6855 / Fax: 281.255.6853 / Email:inquiries@drakeplastics.com